Is There A cure for Stretch Marks?

stretchUp to 70 percent of pregnant women get stretch marks. But what women really want to know is how do you get rid of them?
According to dermatologist Dr Natasha Cooke, stretch marks are actually a scar that develops in the deeper layers of the skin. What happens with the collagen fibres in the skin is that if there’s lots of stress, stretch and strain, the fibres then start fraying.
After repetitive stress and tension they actually break, causing an abnormal surface texture which is crinkled and has lost all its support. So when the skin fibres in the deeper layers — or dermis — break, they create marks on the surface — stretch marks.
But what kinds of strain cause the skin fibres to break?
“Any form of activity that produces excessive stress and strain on the skin can produce stretch marks,” says Dr Cooke.
So pregnant women are the most obvious candidates for stretch marks, but the next groups at risk are teenagers undergoing growth spurts during adolescence and women who have put on a lot of weight rapidly.
Men, too, aren’t immune to them, but “women predominantly so, because they have a lot more bodily functions that happen to them that are more likely to stretch the skin,” Dr Cooke says.
So that’s how we get stretch marks. But is there anything we can do to get rid of them?
The bad news is that you can’t help getting them in the first place: stretch marks are hereditary.
“Certainly depending on what type of collagen, elastin, and skin you have can pre-determine whether you’re more likely to get the stretch marks or not. So if your mother in pregnancy didn’t get stretch marks, the chances are you’re unlikely to develop them as well,” Dr Cooke says.
If you do happen to be one of the 70 percent who get them, don’t worry; according to Dr Cooke, they’ll eventually become less visible: “The stretch mark will fade back to a natural coloured skin, which that process itself makes them look a lot better.”
Well ladies there are some things you just can’t change. Maybe one day there’ll be a wonder cure. But until then we’ll have to accept that they’re just a part of life.

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