Hey, I have a story about being conned in the name of a relationship. I was a single mum with twins, girls.

There was this guy, a neighbour who started by being a friend then being good to my kids, you know to get to a woman is by pretending to be good to her kids.

One thing led to another and we’re in a relationship with the dude. I don’t know how but he ended up moving into my house, a house I was paying the rent and catering for everything, including his needs.

He always said he had some business coming through but I never really saw the results. I was balancing school plus work and being a mum.

Then I noticed small things in the house started disappearing, like hard disks, moneyand heater etc.

Then one day someone withdrew money from my ATM, my gut feeling was him. I started becoming more suspicious because he never brought anything on the table just business that never came to be.

So I pushed and got the name of the apparently business partner, I did my investigation and got a name.

I tried to reach out but never got much information about the guy. One day, I got tired of this guy and sent him parking, he had the guts of trying to force himself on me and blamed it on the alcohol.

He pleaded with me not to kick him out at night, he will leave in the morning and I was merciful, little did I know that he was planning to steal from me.

He stole my ATMs, laptop, medical books, anything he could carry without me noticing while I was at work. Luckily he didn’t touch my kids.

I reached his so called partner and he told me the guy was a con and mostly targets single mothers.

He steals without you noticing and blinds you with lovey dovey ?. I managed to get the guy arrested and got some of the items he had stolen and managed to have him restricted from me and the kids because he had threatened to hurt us.

So he moved to his next target. These men are handsome, they work out and look really monied so you can hardly suspect.

They have business projects always held up by something. They know what women want .. I still ask myself what was wrong with me for those few months and am lucky I got myself out.

I would wish to remain anonymous. I thank God he didn’t hurt my girls. I would never forgive myself.


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