I want to be a migrant of Canada, but I don’t have the financial capacity to. Who can help me?

Immigration Canada

But on the other side, 90% of us Canadians, must work really hard to keep our families. I will repeat, really hard and I mean it.

So how could someone expect financial help? Canada is a really expensive country and good jobs are hard to get.

I am wondering why Canada, and believe you fell under the propaganda that exists and the misunderstanding that Canada is a bed of roses. It is not!

Nothing here is free, pal. Nothing.

So, if you really want to come to Canada, put a plan in place. Review the needs of Canada. Start slowly in your own country and work towards your goals.

Canada look for people with high levels of education, age under 40, along with other many aspects.

Aim to finish a master’s degree along with savings, and that can increase your candidacy to get PR. Personally, I would help anyone, but money is not something that runs easily for Canadians.

I am not sure what you heard about Canada. It is indeed a good country to live but by no means life is easy here. Continue your research, don’t take my word for granted.

In any case, start your plan if you are serious!

Good luck.



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