I think my girlfriend isn’t loyal

Hey,I have this girlfriend who is a little bit older than I am, but we were serious in the matter that we stayed for a couple of months together but before we had reached that level, she once misused my trust and slept with another man.

At first I promised myself not to give a fuck because I knew I was done. We didn’t talk for a while during her entanglement but then she came back and everything satanically came back to normal,.

That’s when the world changed and we stayed together for the few months, then after the covid-19, she had to go back to her home.

Communication got sloppy and sloppier until I didn’t call no more. It’s been 3 months of once in a month 10 seconds type of call.

Just a few days a go she was in town for shopping and she called me for a link up. I went and we met and surprisingly she acted as if all was normal and blamed me for not calling and we both are fully aware marriage isn’t an option in such a relationship. Any advice?

Admin answer: What kind of advice are you looking for my son? how old are you? I think both of you just need to mature and focus. Otherwise i don’t see any issue to help you with. It is your decision to marry her or not..


Amos Kipkorir
Author: Amos Kipkorir


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