I tell you; those insults really hurt

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I’m a guy,28years,i have dated this girl for like close to 6 yrs now. Later this year we will be expecting our first child, i am soo excited.

Everything was great until four or five months ago, She started being emotionally and physically abusive to me. We quarrel over the smallest of things and if i raise my voice slightly, she would create too much drama, then things would go back to normal.

You see, i am a “humble” guy, sinanga story mob, i’m slow to anger, and i believe this has led me to my situation right now.
She started by being verbally abusive after we quarrel, i just walked away and come back later hoping she has cooled down. I tell you those insults really hurt.

When she started being physically abusive, first we quarreled i went to a local pub and had waay too much to drink, when i came back, i passed out on the bed and i tell you she attacked me, to be very honest, i was too helpless to help myself. I managed to make my way and passed out on the couch.

Second case, she started throwing stuff and even being held at knife point!
And several more occasions, and like a clown, i still accept her back. You know why, i terribly love this girl: i let her stay focusing on her strength, and the fact that she’s carrying my child, that made me even love her more,
The most recent case was yesterday, yes i was attacked again, but i feel enough is enough, i want to quit this relationship, i have had enough of her actions.

I know People will judge me why do i not fight back, but you see when i was younger, two of my aunties died as a result of toxic relationships’, being beaten to death by their spouses.

I also saved my own mom from the jaws of death from my dad’s beating by driving her to hospital when i was like 12 yrs.

I made a Promise to my myself, my mom and to God, that if i ever marry, i will never lay a finger on my wife, Never, i know the pain first hand.

Fast forward, i never knew I’ll be a victim myself. GB Violence, especially on the male has been on a steep rise. Maboy wameumia manze.

What should i do? should i quit this relationship even with a child on the way? or i be patient and wait, because honestly I’m fed up of her behaviour, even though i love her.

Thank you…,



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