I seriously don’t understand why ladies sit and close their legs?what’s the purpose of buying Expensive pants???

Although it is tempting to attribute women’s cross-legged posture to culture and modesty, there is a much more scientific reason based on women’s body shape and the need for balance.

Imagine a man and a women of the same height and same weight. The woman has broader hips than the man, so when they both sit on with their legs straight, the woman’s center of mass is much closer to her back and the man’s is closer to his knees (left is a man and his center of mass and right is the woman with her center of mass).

The woman has much better lateral stability because she is sitting on a broader base, but her center of mass is too far backward. If her chair has a back, she is ok, but if she is sitting on a stool, she can easily topple backward.

When a woman crosses her legs, she is bringing the legs closer together, which moves her center of mass forward. This gives her much better lateral and forward stability: wider hips give her a better lateral stability and her cross-legged posture gives her better forward and backward stability.

The man has exactly the opposite problem. He does not have as much lateral stability because of narrower hips and can easily topple forward as the center of mass is too far forward.

That’s why men often prefer to sit with their legs wider apart. The spread legs broadens the base giving him better lateral stability and the spreading of the legs moves the center of mass backward so he does not easily topple forward.

Here are a couple of pictures of men and women sitting. Imagine which poses seem more stable. Her posture will be stable irrespective of whether the sofa had a back.

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