I need an advice on this issue as I called my relationship off

I have been seeing this guy for close to 7months now and he’s been hiding things from me and as my instincts always tells me so but he will always deny anything I ask him…

And so before going to bed on Friday evening, I prayed to God to reveal whatever he’s been hiding to me as my dreams always comes to pass.

I dreamt and saw him with 3 children and he passed me as if he doesn’t know me while I was pregnant for him… It was so scaring that my sleep vanished like wind.

I woke up and confronted him for an hour before opening up that he has 3 children with 2 different women but he’s not parted ways with the second woman… In fact, I got mad and couldn’t do anything than to cry out…

This is a guy who is so protective of me, cares for me and all that… I met him this morning and told him I can’t continue again and he’s so dumb to tell me he can’t let me go and as if I care, I’ve moved on but I want to know if someone can help me deal with him…

I need to teach him a fucking lesson and also he’s purchased a land in my name and he is processing the papers for me.

I don’t know if I should still take it as a way of compensation or I should just let him keep it. I’m so broken and wish I can end it all. This one is over me…

PS: He was planning to go to my Daddy to talk about marriage but I have told him he shouldn’t try cause I will disgrace him in front of his family and mine. Please advice me on the best way to handle him and move on without causing harm to myself.



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