15th December will live long in infamy. It will be remembered as the day ODM was used as a tool to send Raila to a shameful belated retirement home.

It showed how Raila was able to destroy two vibrant political parties in East Africa: ODM and Jubilee.

Jubilee is being controlled from Chungwa House. That is the main reason the party is in shambles.

The modus operandi of ODM brigade has always been intimidation and chaos. They have carried those habits as seen by a clip of Joho harassing a legislator.

Deputy President Ruto has been humble so far. Showing maturity and respect to his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Despite the spite shown by Kieleweke faction especially the lot from ODM, Deputy President has never responded in kind.

The Deputy President instead has focused on canvassing the country preaching a message of hope, unity and development.

Even when the President seemingly endorsed Boga an aspirant from ODM, Ruto and his allies doubled their efforts on Feisal.

It might seem that the president is trying to accommodate ODM because of the tranquility brought by the handshake.

For over two years now, the country has not seen chaos and loss of property that was usually occasioned by ODM demonstrations.

The irony of the handshake is that it is benefitting Ruto more than Raila. As Raila and his cronies continue supporting Covid19 billionaires and being silent on other major scandals, Ruto is projecting himself as the right leader to end impunity and politics of division.

If the results of yesterday’s elections are anything to go by, The Hustler Nation is marching towards State House as Raila moves in the opposite direction towards Bondo with a dilapidated party ODM.



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