How would Africa be if it wasn’t colonized in the late 1800s?

Abdullahi Abdi – Student 

This is Africa exactly in 1880, 4 years before the Berlin conference.

How would have those states below naturally progressed?

Just like everywhere, the dominant ethnic group would have assimilated the smaller ones. Thus borders would be large and inhabited by one ethnic group that has assimilated smaller ones, through guns; these would have occurred much faster.

Ethiopia was invaded by Ottoman Egypt three times but became victorious all of them, would it have won the fourth time?

If there was no British in South Africa how would the Bantus and the Afrikaaners deal with each other? How far would the Afrikaaners have gone into the Zulu’s territory?

Would the West Africans still trade slaves? I don’t think so. Slavery has been abolished before 1884 therefore West Africans would have definitely not sold slaves.

All other things that came with Europeans such as the technologies would have still come through trade.



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