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These are the highest secretive codes and words used by kids today

If you are a parent with grown kids who chat on phones with their mates take note of the following slangs.

The list will redefine how you monitor your teen’s conversations with his/her peers.

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1) IWSN- I want sex now.

2) GNOC- Get naked on camera.

3) NIFOC- Naked in front of computer.

4) PIR- Parent in room.

5) CU46 – See you for sex.

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6) 53X- Sex.

7) 9- Parent watching.

? 99 -Parent gone.

9) 1174′- Party meeting place.

10) THOT- That hoe over there.

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11) CID- Acid (the drug).

12) Broken- Hungover from alcohol.

13) 420- Marijuana.

14) POS- Parent over shoulder.

15) SUGARPIC- Suggestive or erotic photo.

16) KOTL- Kiss on the lips.

17) LsMIRL- Let’s meet in real life.

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18) PRON- Porn.

19) TDTM- Talk dirty to me.

20) 8 -Oral sex.

21) CD9 -Parents around/Code 9.

22) IPN- I’m posting naked.

23) LH6- Let’s have sex.

24) WTTP- Want to trade pictures?

25) DOC- Drug of choice.

26) TWD- Texting while driving.

27) GYPO- Get your pants off.

28) KPC- Keeping parents clueless.

If you think parenting is still the same as what our parents did, you will fail… Take to Learning.

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Please share to other parents as well add others that your little investigations has landed on.. And as parent we must ensure our children phones are not pass worded to enable you bounce on them anytime without there expectation in order to find out if they are in any fishy agenda or in good terms with morals and ethics.

You can’t tell and you will never know what surprise you can bounce to.

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