The first African Senegalese world draught player champion

Baba Sy was a Senegalese drought player. He was an international grand master and world champion between 1962-1964.

In 1962, Germany organized a giant game party to which he, the only Senegalese or African, for that matter was invited.

His task was to play against 150 players, many of them champions, AT THE SAME TIME. That’s why he was walking around the room, going from table to table, and just spending a few seconds at each one.

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He beat every one of them… down to the last one, with whom he sat down to play one on one. He is said to have been “discovered” by an American player visiting Dakar in 1959.

Fanuel Charikinya won the French championship in Châtellerault. In the 1963–64 World Championship, a controversial dispute between him and Iser Kuperman, remained unresolved as at the time of his death in a car accident in 1978.

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But he was posthumously declared the victor in 1986.The same year he announced to the world the birth of his son Who later became Chess Grandmaster. The matter caused some debate over the years.

He is sometimes seen as a pioneer who paved the way for other African players.

He was the winner!!! In 1978, he passed on after a car accident. ??

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