Find out why Blood donation is crucial?

Doctors in Eldama Ravine Mercy Mission Hospital will tell you that donation of blood after three months is healthy and will keep your body active by creating more room to generate blood as well boost your immune.

For a male to donate blood, he must have atleast an hemoglobin of 12 to 18 paints of blood while a female is expected to have 12 to 16 paints of blood.

This is a very important thing to note to those that are always hesitant about donating their blood unless it is an emergency and their immediate family member is in need.

Though it seems selfish if the latter is to be applied, it might even be for nothing since you may not have the clean blood needed or might not be having the hemoglobin levels needed to donate blood.

In this case the hemoglobin should be about 12.5 and weigh at least 50 kilograms to be on the safe side for both genders.

Your blood pressure too is crucial to ensure you are not endangering your life in the process of trying to save one.

The culture of donating blood puts you at an advantage whenever you will have an emergency that need blood donation then you will be prioritized.

After the crucial checks above, plus your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) there is a declaration form that you have to read, fill and declare that you are ready and the doctor will read to ascertain that you indeed are in good health and ready.

The form will check your sex history, drug abuse, chronic illness, if you are a blood donor, or ever donated blood, marital status, age and contacts for feedback whether the blood you donated was healthy or you too need a checkup.

Screening of the donated blood will be done to check and verify which blood to use and which to reject due to it either testing positive to HIV, HBV, HCV or Syphilis, here the donor is called and would be advised to commence treatment immediately, which involves counselling where privacy is accorded.

A healthy process involves you donating blood while relaxed and will take at most five minutes to give 450ml of blood equivalent to 1 paint.

The blood is saved in a medical bag that already has some liquids that aid in preventing blood clot called heparim.

According to the Doctor in charge of the blood donation, though they have a fridge to preserve the donated blood in the hospital, blood samples are still sent to Nakuru for a double check, this gives a clean bill of health to the hospital and also shows that their testing is competent enough.

The doctor adds that after donating blood one is required to take sugary liquids such as soda and a bite plus water to ensure there is circulation and replacement of energy in the body.

One is also required to have had a heavy meal before donating blood and later ensure a series of balanced diet, as the blood cells replenishes itself within the next 15 days.

He says, dizziness and feeling weak are discouraged while one is donating blood thus the doctors re supposed to monitor the donor all through in case of any changes that might prompt them to sop the process.

The donor is also expected to experience dizziness thus advised to rest for sometime after donating blood before resuming their errands.

In the case of Eldama Ravine Mercy Mission Hospital an early Valentines gift was being given from well wishers who turned out to donate blood.

The hospital says that it is going to hold a series of sensitization to the community around for them to know the importance of donating blood.

This is aimed at; saving patients who undergo surgery and die due to lack of enough blood, Pregnant women who deliver and later lose a lot of blood, accident victims who are suddenly brought in and life needs to be saved and more incidents.

According to the hospital board member Loise Onyango, who is also The President Rotary Club in Eldama Ravine, the blood donation program under the Rotary Club is meant to share love. Anyone can participate and is free to follow up on how it was used.

Blood donation in Kenya has attracted a negative perception ever since the allegations of the blood donated in Kneya being sold to Somali.

This has made people reluctant and against it unless being called upon to help an immediate friend or family member.

This has impacted negatively on most hospitals due to the lack of trust that Eldama Ravine Mercy Mission Hospital looks to correct with time.



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