Every market has a mad man

Social media is a big market with very many mad people and weird characters – me included. I have found these rules to be true;

– Don’t take people on social media very seriously. Fakeness here is on a high level. The person wowing at your picture may be your worst enemy, waiting to blast you at the slightest opportunity.

Also, the person telling you to never to cook for your wife may be the chief chef at his home. Another telling you to never forgive a cheating man has forgiven hers 70*7 times. Just live your life nanii.

– Avoid unnecessary confrontations with strangers behind screens because you may be arguing with a mad person who has little to lose. If you don’t like what someone posts, just ignore it unless it’s directed at you or it’s personal. Trust me you’ll have more peace that way.

– Don’t believe it just because it’s written on social media. There are scammers here, conmen, mudslingers and very malicious characters.

– Lastly, many friendships emanating from social media are equally fake. Avoid them.



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