Eventually we will all reach the end of our journey

I just turned 39 years old. My father lived until he was 62, and his father until 73. Which means, in all probability, the road that I have left in front of me is shorter than the road that I have already walked.

This might sound like a sad post, but it is not. Most people, when you ask them if they know their time in this world is limited, will say “yes”.

They say it, but I don’t think those words have truly sunk in. Because they don’t live like they realize time is running out.

So this is to remind all of us again, mostly myself, that we have to give our everything, every day.

Because eventually we will all reach the end of our journey. And we shouldn’t remember that journey as someone who numbed ourselves watching TV or staring at our phone all day.

We don’t have to be the most intelligent or capable (I’m hardly a natural at anything). We just have to live to our full potential.

Not try to be perfect. Just to our full potential, with all the flaws of being human. So… be brave. Be different. Make mistakes. Learn. Be kind. To yourself and those around you. And smile more. I wish all of you a great day today.


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