I am a lady in the UK who is recovering from what I believe was coronavirus as I had all the symptoms.

I also have a son, husband and a baby 9 months old who had the virus. A pastor friend and his wife were also gasping for life last weekend.

What you hear on news on the numbers of deaths could be more than that, as most people are asked to stay at home most of the time when you call 111.

Please disseminate this message to save lives:

1. We have been told the virus dies at 56%c
2 It does not survive salt.
3 It is a flu virus which we usually treat with guava, lemon, mango, orange, peaches leaves including the lemon itself and ginger.

With the three methods followed properly Noone needs to get to hospitalization.
When I returned from hospital to face the ordeal on my own, I thought of our traditional methods and I took the following steps.
1 I gargled salt and swallowed some believing that the virus will die away from the throat.
I took the hot water bottle and placed it on my chest while drinking very hot water.
The severe pneumonia disappeared. The burning sensation in the chest disappeared.
I then took strong pain killers and I slept peacefully.

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I am still nursing my chest for the third week but I am able to do everything at home.
2. I continue to gargle salt and steam myself every day because I don’t know how much virus I have had at different levels.
3 My pastor friends followed the instructions I gave them and immediately on gargling and swallowing salt solution they stopped the coughing.
If anyone goes out they should wash their arms with salt, face and neck as well. They should put some in the nose. I have done it. That is what some Dr’s in the UK are doing. The virus does not stick on salt.
On their return they need to cover themselves with a blanket over boiled water i.e steaming
Please pass this message and help save lives. My prayer is that this message gets to as many people as possible so that we do not loose lives.

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Thank you very much

If we cover ourselves over boiled water the temperature is way beyond the 56°c. Let’s help people live.

Thank you very much I will try all my best to make sure this testimony reaches all the four corners of the country.

This is what my grandparents used to do with herbs which include the one of madagascar including mwarubaine…you cover yourself under the blanket and by the next day you are well…PLEASE ALSO HOWEVER HOT ONE FEELS THIS VIRUS CO EXISTS WITH COLDS…WEATHER,ICECREAM,FRIDGE WATER…AVOID CTAKING COLD THINGS AND DRESS WARM.

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