Don’t slave for love

“I used to play wife and all I got was him making love to my friend in bed” said Mia

“even after I nursed him in my house when he was recovering from the road accident, hosted his family, fed and sheltered them in the city using my little salary, he got better and started hoeing around” said Tei

“well, he asked me why I never washed his dishes whenever I visited, I would ask him if he used the dishes with me, anyway he later married a naïve secretary, I guess she cleaned the dishes” says Jetty

“I promoted him at work, our affair was top notch, I opened my home to him, but I would later find him grinding my sister in my coach minutes after I left and rushed back for my notebook” Said Tiff

Well, let me sip my wine, Ricard to be precise, sweet yet has some spirit interruption in the mouth, trust me you would not make it your favorite.

At some point such disappointments ended in very miserable situations, house breakings, street embarrassments, work discomforts, poor performances and end to friendships.

The above are sentiments of well to do ladies in the society, Chief Executive Officers CEOs, Managers, Communication Officers, Doctors and renown business women in the society.

Then it all made sense to them that men always want a hardworking woman, carrying, a good cook, a keeper.

Its laughable I know, well, by now our young ladies should know what attracts the fish to the surface of the water.

You want to love best, take your time and study what love is. No class will offer you such classes life will. While we all trust our actions to earn us back love, we should have our eyes open.

This applies to men too, supply of material things to impress or win some lady`s heart is also misadvised, some men have been left scratching their heads, Deeping their hands deeper in their torn pockets, and gazing in anguish over what exactly a woman wants.

Here is Valentine`s Day, a day that the western nations use to celebrate love, well it has created an influence all over the world.

Though not all are impressed but it comes with its added advantage, booming businesses from the flower farms, hotels, air travel, ring vendors and tourism.

While everyone needs a valentine date, appreciation or create a memory? Then you should know that you deserve love without going overboard.

What exactly is the right way to finding love. Unfortunately, there is no right way or formula but take it easy, relax and enjoy the flow.

Here are some of the things you could be doing as far as love is concerned;

1. Be yourself; there is nothing as powerful as knowing who you are butas far as love is concerned. You do not need to do anything out of your comfort zone to impress.

2. Call the shots; relationships are for two parties three is a crowd, choose to lead your own path together, be open as to what is right for the both of you, discuss opinions and make choices.

3. Do not force it; do not play wife before he asks you to, do not play mother just to win him, men are hunters make him hunt, there is a reason why ladies like playing hard, to see value in his efforts.

4. Respect each other’s space; give your partner the freedom to continue being him or her, caging someone who has not outgrown some situations in life is a bad sign in future.

5. Do not be desperate; do not appear to be too much dependent on your partner, there is where they take the advantage, because they have studied you and known that you are not going anywhere.

6. Let your partner miss you; do not be too much available.

7. Be tactical; if you want your partner to notice you be hardworking, smart a builder and developer, improve your current situations, do not be clueless.

8. Have taste; always ensure you do only what is required of you sensibly, do not overstep some boundaries.

9. Be classy; have standards, aim higher, you might overwork yourself for nothing, relax and he r she will pull up their socks if they are sharp.

10. Work environment; whether you are the boss or the employee, know there are circumstances that spur weak love, if it is serious then according to your company policies make the right choices, do not show preference.

11. Be honest; this is a trait that will have you move ahead, do not be silent about how you feel about something, speak it to the person rather that overdo, yet the person is not concentrating.

I know you also want to tell your part of how much you did to try and keep him or her, but still you slaved for nothing.

They moved on with other people. Yet, you found love effortlessly.

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