Do you guys worry about erectile dysfunction?

Was chatting with a good friend who is turning a year older. He’s over 55 and looks much younger than that. I asked him what his thoughts were on this day and this was his response:

“The only fear when you occupy such temporal spaces is that your appendage at the equator would fail to stiffen ~ that fear is real ?”

Of course I asked him if he can still gerrit now and he dared me to go on a drive with him to Namanga (not sure what Namanga is supposed to infer). I told him Mr Man carries a gun…

And here I am worrying about sagging boobs! So gentlemen, do you guys worry about erectile dysfunction?

No idea where to start lakini let me breathe in first
Straight outta Kamiti
Nikisema ukweli naweza rudishwa huko

Nao nao nao
From pasono experience now musiniulize pasono gani
Huyo wa 55 ako sawa sana

Chida kubwa iko kwa hawa fote and below actually now inaelekea thate and below

Hawa ni wale wa shika shika isimame
Katesi of
Dial a drink
Zile offers za pizza
Na kuku pono

Ukiwaambia kuleni real food hawataki

Yaani mtu mzima anakula indomie?

But mimi nae ni nani?
Lazima niwapashe
Concotion ya libido utapata
Na kukupasha lazima nikupashe ndio tusizoeane…??????????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ Nimemaliza na nimeenda.. see you pale kwa Newscheckz haters coments.








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