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Your brain makes decisions seconds before you become aware of the fact that you’ve made a decision.

Humans feel safe when they are in places that are not complex, which is why the beach is so relaxing, we can see for miles in any direction.

If you sleep an average eight hours a day, by the time you turn 99 you will have spent 33 Years of your life sleeping.

Iceland is so safe that parents routinely leave their babies alone to nap outside in their strollers while they run errands.

Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep.

Some people are actually afraid of being too happy because they think something tragic is going to happen soon. This is known as Cherophobia…

school buses are yellow because you see yellow faster than any other color, 1.24 times faster than red in fact.

The healthiness of the foods we eat decreases by 1.7% for every hour that passes in the day.

The Eiffel Tower “grows” in the summer. Due to the heat expansion of the tower’s iron in the summer sun, the Eiffel Tower’s height can grow by up to 6 inches!

Bees can fly higher than Mount Everest! Bees can fly at levels up to 29,525 feet above sea level – higher than the planet’s tallest Mountain!

Scientists genetically modified goats to spin spider silk from their udders.

In 1997 a cargo ship lost 4.8 million Lego bits in a storm. They are still washing up today.

If you need to fill up a bucket that won’t fit under your sink’s faucet, bust out a pool noodle. Set the bucket on the floor, slip the pool noodle over the faucet and run it down to the bucket. 


Snakes can burp fire. For this to happen, a decomposing animal a snake has eaten has to burst whilst being digested, releasing methane and hydrogen into the snake’s stomach.

Jackie Chan sung the theme songs for all his films in the 1980s.

Until 2015, it was illegal to dance in Japan after midnight.

Benjamin Franklin only received two years of formal education.

If you were to write out every number (one, two, three, etc.), you wouldn’t use the letter “b” until you reached one billion.

People who speak two languages, may unconsciously change their personality when they switch languages.

Every iPhone in an advertisement displays a time of 9:41am. It is the time Steve Jobs unveiled the original phone in 2007.

There are no muscles in human fingers. All movement is controlled by muscles in the forearm and palm. 

We close our eyes when we kiss because shutting out the visual input leaves more mental resources to focus on other senses, like touch.

An orgasm can help a man’s body recover from illness.

Some people have a fourth cone in their eyes, allowing them to see 100 million more shades of color than the average person.

Chewing gum can cause you to fart more because you end up swallowing more air than usual.

In France, it was legal for a husband to murder his wife if he caught her in the act of adultery up until 1975.

A study found that straight women tend to get louder during sex as a way to hasten the man’s orgasm. In most women, the left breast is usually slightly larger than the right.

Today, you are the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be.

Wild marijuana grows all over Northern Japan, but they don’t smoke it.

The Japanese government actually sends out survey and destruction teams every year to destroy the new growths of marijuana because it’s so hard to get rid of.

Exercising while high can make you higher.

Shaving your pubes makes you more likely to spread a sexually transmitted infection.

There are points in the Pacific Ocean where, if you dug a hole to the opposite point on Earth, you would still be in the Pacific Ocean.

A study found that men think women with make-up on are more “prestigious,” while women think women who wear makeup are more “dominant.”

Camels are very social and like to greet each other by blowing in each other’s faces.

Paying attention makes your brain grow.

Women rate men with facial scars as more desirable for a short term relationship than men without scars.

If you put your foot in a bag with a bunch of raw garlic and rub it along the bottom of your foot, you’ll be able to taste it in your mouth.

The pulsations a woman feels during orgasm are actually her uterus trying to gather sperm.

The biggest cities on Earth are largely in the northern hemisphere because the largest empires were located in Asia and Europe.

The average human fart is only 7% methane.

Pornhub displayed a message that said it automatically shared the video you were watching on social media for April Fools day in 2017.

A man robbed a bank by pretending to be a public health official and giving cyanide to every bank employee as a “dysentery inoculation.”

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

People with a dark sense of humor may be more intelligent and emotionally stable.

Vasocongestion is the medical term for “blue balls.”

Michael B. Jordan’s father is named Michael A. Jordan.

The United Nations declared the Internet a basic human right in 2011.

Hackers stole about $81 million from Bangladesh Bank due to the bank’s use of $10 computer network switches and no firewalls.

Elephants can be lulled to sleep by a lullaby sung by a human.

Crying is actually very healthy – Tears lubricate your eyes, remove irritants and reduce stress, making you feel better.

Every two minutes, we take more pictures than all of humanity in the 19th century.

It’s healthiest to poop in the morning since your small intestine and colon process the food you ate the day before while you sleep.

Cryptotora thamicola, {waterfall climbing cave fish} a cavefish in Thailand, walks and climbs waterfalls like a four-footed creature, the first living specimen to do so.

A cat has 244 bones in its entire body, more than a human.

At least now you know. Enjoy your moments.




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