Dear Ladies….Here is An important message to note

He won’t use condom; you use pills?. why? Because he wants it natural?

(Think of ovarian cancer and infertility).

He gets you pregnant, you have aborted like 5 times ? why? Because he is not ready. ? Grow up.

You have been wearing his engagement ring for close to 4yrs?, He is not wearing any… why? because he has promised you marriage? Grow up.

My sister,

You dress half naked thinking you look sexy and hot; He isn’t complaining but he has more cloths on. Don’t be surprised when he takes a more decent girl home?. GROW UP LADY.

Am pregnant and I can’t figure out who is responsible

A guy dumps you, you want to pay him back and all you could do is to sleep with his friends??

and you think this is pay back?? MY SISTER GROW UP

You think getting pregnant for him will make him marry you?? GROW UP GIRL

You will become a single mama with No Job, ? No means of feeding your Baby and yourself so, you leave junior with Grandma and you go back to the Hustling field, then you begin to say, “MEN Are Wicked!”? Men are scum, Whose fault?

Please ladies, be wise!

You know you deserve better than this.

Be Real, Be Wise… This is the gift I can give you… Be wise.


Elves Delz
Author: Elves Delz


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