Dear heavenly father, we bow down unto thee

Dear heavenly father, we bow down unto thee. Praising you for such a great day you’ve offered into us.

For without you nothing was formed, it is through thanks giving that we can offer our praises unto you Lord.

Help us to overcome the dreaded Covic-19 which has come back with a bang. We give you glory for the strength and the gift of life upon us. Many have died, others are in hospitals but we have been left as the Lord’s remnants.

Today we call upon your holy name that you may guide us, bless our going and our coming, do bless the work of our hands and all our daily activities.

Thank you Jehovah for our Kenyan Government, do bless all the leaders from right to left, bless the kingdom manifestation members and all its leadership, may you grant us the knowledge and wisdom from above as you did to your servant Solomon.

May you enlarge our territories dear Lord. Guide our ways and be on our side. Thank you for your word last night dear Lord. May you open our spiritual ears that we may keep listening from you.

Give the understanding of your word for you are Lord above all. May you be with us in each and everything.

We uplift you and give you all the glory and it’s in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ I do pray. AMEN

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