David Maraga’s lawyers terms deadbeat claims ridiculous

Chief Justice David Maraga has dismissed claims that he sired a child out of wedlock.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, Maraga on Tuesday said the birth certificate alleged to be that of his ‘daughter’ is fake.

“We have had a perusal and due diligence of the annexures that have been filed to accompany this. For those who have access to the birth certificate, there is no registrar known as Shamwata in the whole country nor has there been an officer with the name N.P Otieno,” Omari said.

“The CJ is an elder of the SDA Church. The DPP should get to the root of it. We are not worried about the girl but more about who is behind it,” he said.

Mary Onyancha caused a scene outside Milimani Law Courts over claims that Chief Justice David Maraga sired a child with her and abandoned them.

Mary Onyancha caused a scene outside Milimani Law Courts over claims that Chief Justice David Maraga sired a child with her and abandoned them.

The middle-aged woman presented a birth certificate and some photos of the child she claimed was fathered by Maraga.

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In a quick rejoinder, the CJ’s lawyers pointed out that the certificate was forged and none of the listed officials was a recognized registrar of births.

The lawyers said the drama was sponsored by the Deep State to tarnish the name and reputation of the chief justice Lawyers representing Chief Justice David Maraga have dismissed claims by a city woman that the CJ fathered and neglected her child.

In a rejoinder that followed a dramatic incident at Milimani Law Courts where the middle-aged woman identified as Mary Onyancha screamed around claiming Maraga had dumped her and the child, the CJ’s lawyer’s said the whole thing was stage-managed and sponsored by the Deep State.

The advocates poked holes in the originality of the birth certificate presented by the complainant terming it fake and generic. “There is no registrar of births by the name Shamwati in the whole country. Neither has there been an officer called N.P Otieno in the Nairobi office which means the certificate is generated,” said Omar.

The lawyer noted Maraga has been under immense pressure occasioned by powerful individuals in the country who have been pushing for his earlier retirement or resignation.

Omar made reference to several incidents where the name and reputation of the CJ have been assassinated in public to a bid to push him out of the office.

They began with erecting a poster on Thika Road purporting the CJ was having love affairs with judges that did not push the chief justice to retire or retire. A petition was filed to push for a similar course which is still pending in court.

The third attempt has been this matter which has not even been filed but dramatized so that the name of the CJ is eroded,” said Omar.

The woman claimed she met Maraga in 2013 during a church service and became friends. According to Mary, the friendship resulted in a relationship which blossomed into a love affair and later pregnancy.

She demanded that Maraga be giving her KSh 160,000 monthly which includes KSh 20,000 for food, KSh 5,000 for clothing, 20, 000 child entertainment support and KSh 10,000 for a nanny among others.

Three lawyers representing Chief Justice David Maraga now say they will write to DCI to authenticate the root cause of the documents issued by the lady who claims to have a child with the CJ.

Lawyers Danstan Omari, Samson Nyaberi and Anita Masako say the lady did not file the case at the Children’s court as she had alluded earlier. Omari told the press that the birth certificate and the application is forged .


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