World health organization measures on protecting oneself from the deadly corona virus are to be strictly enforced in Khartoum Sudan.

This follows a decision by the country`s Health Minister Dr Omar El Najeeb after a he noted the increase in the number of deaths and sicknesses caused by the corona virus.

Wearing of face masks, social distancing and disinfecting are to become mandatory to everyone. The measures were only mandatory to employees of public and private institutions since last week.

El Najeeb has stressed that the situation in Khartourm is cause for alarm, especially in school going children and especially in the state of El Gazira.

The issue being complicated by the capacity of healthcare institutions to receive cases, as well as the challenge of lack of oxygen and medicine.

Thus, there has been a committee formed from the ministry of Health, Finance and Energy to provide the necessary support required.

The ministry of finance in Khartourm has also been asked to form a committee to oversee measures to be taken to combat the spread of the virus.

North Darfur has already suspended studies in basic and secondary.

Alvis Ice
Author: Alvis Ice


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