Corona chronicles; ass swabs to dog sniff

The discovery of sniffer dogs detecting Covid-19 has been rated at 94% with more research being conducted, after a German veterinary clinic has trained the dogs to sniff out corona odour that comes from the cells of corona patients and their saliva.

The news of testing corona virus by means of a nose swab has been a painful experience to the world, nevertheless the introduction of an ass swab has left many shocked as to how the process will be conducted given that the nose swab runs deeper and lives one with discomfort. Now sniffer dogs are gaining popularity to testing.

The head of the Germany veterinary clinic Holger Volk, dogs can sniff out people with infections and without, as well as symptomatic and asymptomatic Covid-19 patients.

Some of the training is been undertaken at the Hanover`s University of Veterinary medicine.

The dogs started sniffing for the virus at Finland Helsinki-Vantaan airport September 2020 in a pilot project a tact being used at Chile`s International Airport.



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