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I live in a area (name withheld for security purposes)kids die mysteriously, mums miscarriage at 8months or some days to delivery, some gave birth and kids died within 10 mins, if the kid survives the mum is the one who dies is that normal? Mind you the plots don’t belong to one person, what might be the cause??

And how can someone still live in such a place? maybe yenye hizo ploti wako kwa cult moja same… people used to buy plots as a group then kila mtu anajenga kivyake nyumba yake but maybe the share some evil cult

Maybe you are exposed to many toxins in the air or heavy metals..vitu Kama lead

So you’re looking for the cause?????my friend run ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️na usiangalie nyuma

Toxicity…..very obviously. There is something harmful the neighborhood is exposed to

Might be toxicity but curiously it only affects expectant and new borns? Really? Anyway my thoughts that’s just not Godly the houses may have been put up on evil alters, if you all can maybe converge and do a fast and have a strong spiritual person to guide you but this isn’t a battle for the faint hearted! If possible move, hope u get a solution.

Haunted houses exists. Have read real life stories where young people die , marriages don’t last., joblessness.

Solutions : Pray & Pray

2.Vacate & start from scratch

One plot I moved in with big kids,but my 4 neighbors have undergone this,3kids dead and one mum.

There was this certain house where I used to leave..The couples moved after wedding ..Bibi alimiscarry 6 pregnancy…When they went to aman of God they were sent to ask around hata kama ni neighbour abou the plot.They were told the man who lived there was adoctor wakutoa wanawake mimba na akahama that why the cries of babies couldnt allow them to hold their baby.Immediately walihama after 5month the wife conceived na akaanza kulea watoto..Some houses /plot we move in to we just need spiritual eyes and prayers.

It would help if you mentioned where. Probably there are toxic emissions in the area. Apart from.emissions there could be other environmental contaminants….environmental toxicity mainly affects the vulnerable, pregnant women and infants top the list. It could be a heavy metal…like lead…. He probably used paints that had high doses of this or another toxin. There might not be a factory nearby but what if many years back it used to be dumping grounds for such waste and it was, stopped? New tenants might not know.

Nilikua nimelala kwa beshte yangu nifanye exam mchana nikiwa nmedoz I could just feel everything was not right Hadi after 3 days asked my friend kwani hizo plot ziko aje she told me Nivile tulisahau kumwaga maji imeombewa kwa mlango so I was right mm plot iko na jini najua I can’t even enter mwili unaniambia tu.

These are just superstitions, where I live I Know three kids who had developed problem with their legs because of cold. Hakuna kitu Kama mashetani. God sustains our kids. Witchcraft is there but I find this post superstitious. It’s unfortunate but everyday someone miscarriages, another loses a child. This things happen daily it’s just that sometimes we don’t know the victims.

Plot ya majini……na Kuna some plots you can’t cook pork meat,utanyongwa ushangae ama upewe notice you vacate. Niliishi kwa another plot nikapata newborn,as kambas we believe mafuta ya nguruwe huzuiya macho mbaya,nikabuy nyama ya nguruwe nitoe mafuta,asubuhi niligongewe nihame weh!

Where are you standing as you witness that???? dear  relocate and be prayerful????????????

This things exixt..nilienda kahawa west,”gated community”yani hata singe enjoy bathtub,uwoga tu,usiku silali kwa bed,unafeel Kuna kitu ama watu,Kisha kitu 12 to 1usiku Kuna birds lazima zipite,,,hapo ndio nikasema wacha nirudi nikatumie karai ile nimezoea,,yaani place posh na siwezi relax,,

Hizi ni zile plot hujengwa usiku na huoni mafundi.

There is this particular house where I once lived ukilala usiku unaskia ukivurutwa vidole za mguu.

People believe witchcraft ???search well what happening,death of newborn,mothers,and miscarriage can be caused by blood group,,,God will always protect our kids,, usihamini vitu haujui,kama ni ukweli ungekuwa umahama.

Nani atawaambia aki muachange izi story usiku sa nmeona mtungi yangu ikijisongesha.


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