APA COVID-19 Support kitty shoots to Sh10mn

The APA Apollo Foundation has increased its contribution towards supporting vulnerable people in the wake of COVID -19 pandemic to Sh10 million. 

The foundation has donated over 1000 children’s face masks and hand sanitizers to Nairobi Children’s Court.

APA Insurance Chief Executive Vinod Bharatan says the donation will assist the children who attend the Family and. Civil Division, Milimani Law courts.

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“The APA Apollo Foundation has committed to support several initiatives, the main one being the Care Package. Care Package was established in March 2020 to support and protect vulnerable people and ensure food security in Kenya due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the APA Apollo Foundation has donated more than Sh10 million since March,” Bharatan said.

In April APA Insurance distributed over 600 essential care packages to the residents of Mukuru Kwa Reuben in Nairobi.

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The packages provided enough food for seven to ten days for a family of five.

APA initial donation to support several initiatives including the COVID-19 Fund was at Sh3 million.

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