Anyone with intentions to betray Raila, should learn from the past

When Opposition Leaders betrayed Raila (Baba) for the System in 1997, they found Baba in Government as Minister while languishing to eat the crumbs.

When the Opposition Leaders plotted to play Baba in 2002, paid by Moi to split the opposition into two and have Uhuru apitie Katikati, they found Baba at Uhuru Park making a thunderstormic pronouncement “Kibaki tosha”.

When Kibaki betrayed Baba he received a thorough beating and historic embarrassment of his life in 2005 and 2007 and had Baba as his PM.

When Kalonzo Musyoka was paid by the System to betray Baba in 2007 for some coins and a VP position, he found Baba in the same Government as his Prime Minister.

When Ruto betrayed Baba for position and coins, he had little knowledge that Baba will be in the Same government he betrayed him for as a Handshake partner.

When Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Wetangula betrayed Baba and fled to exile in a Hotel after going to bed with the system, they found Baba in the same government as Uhuru’s partner and brother.

I can go on and on with hundreds of names here. One thing is that Baba has always, somehow overcome any Form of Betrayal plotted against him or placed on his path. And he has always beaten his traitors in their own game.

Anyone with intentions to betray him should learn from the past. You may betray him for a position in next government but you will find him at the helm of the same government you betray him for.

Tinga has Political lives that even a cat wishes for. Even When seated in his bedroom he can see whatever is happening on top of mount Everest.

He is a Government and an Institution on its own, he’s loved and feared in equal measure by states, governments and individuals.

As Atwoli says, he is the biggest political schemer in the history of this Country. His next move, his next announcement will shock many.

Long live Baba!


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