Advice to women on how to win your hubby’s heart

Advice to women…… If you feel your husband or boyfriend is cheating, stop fighting the other women; tomorrow there will be another one.

It’s like treating malaria with painkiller… You are just treating the symptoms… The real thing is with you there and Not those women.

Give him peace and give me the result

Now we agree…. Ladies… Be humble and a man will treat you like a queen… It’s in the Bible… I don’t know about other religion. But even Muslims have the same…. “Women should respect their husbands.”

By the way, have you ever realized drunk men don’t cheat like these coca cola guys who come home on time smelling geisha or Rexona… How now??? A man who have worked the whole day should come home smelling sweet? ??We know you… Those lodgings we know the soap they use.

Anonymous poll


True – 320

??????? 86%


False – 52

? 14%


? 372 people voted.

Take it to the grave…. A cheating man is a depressed man. A man is with his boys… No girl involved you keep calling after every 5mins.

My sister…you can’t come between called bro code, you will be blocked… And he will see Njeri walking by… Then due to the 40% depression, he will ask Njeri to keep him company.

However, if you really want to win his heart, just tell him through a short SMS…” Babake we are about to sleep have a good time with the boys and Make sure the taxi guy will be there before you are tipsy…”

 Trust me….

He will be at home before the time you expected. Next time when the bars open, You will be with him dancing. This will happen only if we treat this disease normally. Otherwise, It will treat us abnormally.



Elves Delz
Author: Elves Delz


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