This admission stuck me like a knife in my heart

Hi admin, with all due respect please keep my identity anonymous forever. I was introduced to this channel by a female colleague from work who is the only person I’ve told what am going through.

After reading several confessions, somehow i feel like i may not be alone in this even though it still hurts.

Had i joined earlier maybe i would have seen the signs back then. My “EX” wife and i are currently going through a divorce process that’s taking too long to complete. Am praying every day for the earth to revolve faster along its axis so that i can finally get rid of this thorn in my life for good.

We were married for almost two years, just two weeks to go now but ours ended rather abruptly had you asked me a month ago if divorcing would have crossed my mind, i would probably have laughed at you because back then i was living a happy life, didn’t know the dirt i know today.

Here’s how it went down, i may not be able to type everything but at least you will get what happened. Like many generous people, my wife’s lastborn child, a young man finished high-school and when she requested that we take him any so that he could find a job around, i agreed with no hesitation because why not?

He came, lived in the servant quarters then within no time, i got him a job he could handle with his level of education. Results came out, he had failed, didn’t make it to university but we told him not to mind because there are many middle level colleges he could enroll or do bridging courses to get to university.

He continued to stay with us because i have a very big house. I also fancied the fact that when i leave which sometimes i do for up to two weeks, no man could tippy toe my homestead for my wife since there was her brother there, basically i trusted my wife but it was more of a security for me.

Believe me reader, everything was fine until about a month ago when one of the house help approached me in private and told me she wanted to leave because she could no longer withstand what was happening in my own house because she was a faithful believer.

I asked her what she was talking about, then she told me the whole story. My wife has been sleeping with her younger brother close to a year but she had only confirmed it for about two months.

She told me she would see them entering the Jacuzzi that was made specifically for me then staying there for about 3 hrs then leave. At night when am not around, the brother would spend the nights in my own bed with her and when she eavesdropped, she could hear their noises making love.

I called her, the brother was not around and she admitted, while crying the whole thing saying they started when they were so young and she has been trying to stop but has not been able to.

They have a five-year difference. This admission stuck me like a knife in my heart but i never hit her even though the urge was there in large scale. I composed myself and told her to leave that instance but ever since, i have been having stress and spending a lot of money on psychiatrists.

I never for once thought that this kind of things can happen in modern society but i give myself hope in that life even though short is a learning process and that was a lesson for me.

I hope this divorce will bring me more peace because i truly thought i was at the edge of the world but now i have to start all over again from scratch.

I appreciate your efforts admin in this platform because somehow i feel better knowing that am not the only one who has undergone a hurtful relationship. Thank you


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