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I have been abused, lost friends, lost family, lost a parent..

I have been abused, lost friends, lost family, lost a parent, lost a son.

In the short 31 years I have drawn breath, I have seen plenty and have felt awful feelings of pain.

I still doubt and question myself on my own time, but I do not let the negative rule my head anymore. I have but this one life to live and I will live it by my rules.

I will try my hardest, fight for what’s right, and will always find a way to smile at the face of the storm that is life.

It is a chance my son never got to have, I would be dishonoring him if I were to squander it.
I know it’s hard, it’s hard to change your mentality from that of a victim to a survivor.

It can be done, you just have to have the fortitude to believe in yourself, even when all the doubts in your head are screaming you can’t.

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