A woman is upset about a break up with her boyfriend

A male friend reached out and asked this woman if she was ok. She said no. And the male friend invites her over.

She says she wants a drink and just to talk. So the woman has a couple drinks at this male friends house. She is crying and talking about what has been going on. And he is pouring more alcohol into her cup.

The woman sees that he is pouring more alcohol but not really paying much attention to it. The woman continues talking and drinking.

The woman tells the male friend that she shouldn’t get involved with other guy right now. Not in any way. Including physically. And the male friend tells her why it would be ok to be physical with him.

The woman ends up agreeing and has sex with the male friend. Cries after. And then he hugs her but then has sex with her again. And then she cries again after. Mostly the crying is still a result from how upset about the boyfriend that she was.

What would you consider this scenario?

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