A Good Performer Would make someone Cum and cum….Won’t leave you until you Squirt and Squirt….. Imagine all this being done to you ?

As you be ready for the act be very Much calm.. Undress her blouse first and slowly…..it should immediately be followed by unzipping her bra the 3 tiers..Undress her skirt and her pant immediately…

Once done give her a hug and make her lay on your chest as assurance its well and She is on safe hands..Give your Queen a good soft kiss…this round it Should not be deep one…

Start your sweet Journey of romance that should not take more than 20 minutes not to enhance more excited and start pushing your sperms….

Hold her boobs gently while looking directly at her house…give her second kiss and slowly starting going down her sweet boobs….make her lay well on bed ….as you are sucking her boobs …do it will…locate the kasmall hole on boobs ….suck well…boobs have direct connection with her clit and her sweet pussy….

If you do it well she automatically starts wetting before you could even reach there….kiss her tummy…make her hold your Mr Di** well…… slowly spread her legs nicely….Start by Rubbing her sweet pussy lips both of them.

Rub them nicely untill they become soft and soft….be careful at that point not to insert your Dick due to sweet anxiety of it…..locate her clit well…rub it first with your hand … rub it nicely…not hard. With love.

Hold your Dick and start rubbing the Clit with it .Rub it fully untill the signal is complicated from Boobs to Clitoris.

Hold your dick and Slap the pussy Lips romantically….Slap them two to three times..at that point she needs it most but control the game.turn her and start massaging her Back…

Then slap her butt with your Di** when she least expects it….the Butt slapping make her wet more….turn her the last and most important round of Romance….kiss her boobs…hold your Dick and rub both of her Tits…

Grab both of the boobs and slowly rub while slapping her boobs with your soft hard Di**….Go down on her and start Inserting slowly…..

Do it rightly as you increase your speed according to how she is responding…make her enjoy .make her moan..

Make her win first the 2 rounds before you both doing the 3rd mega Cumming…….??



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