A dynasty on self destruction

Raymond Moi, the Son of The late second president of Kenya, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. He is the member of parliament in Rongai, Nakuru County.

Unfortunately, the statements he makes could be used to work against his brother Senator of neighboring Baringo County, Gideon Moi.

They both originate from Baringo County. Their late father lived in Kabarak area and after devolution Kabarak became part of Nakuru County.

Raymond Moi has in an occasion stated categorically, about who reigns in Kabarak. He said in his father’s first memorial service held in Kabarak on 4th February, 2021, that his brother Gideon Moi, does not reign in Kabarak and that it’s not his place but their father’s.

That was rather a private conversation the public did not need to know. The brother Gideon in the same event, reaffirmed that yes, it’s his father’s place but he currently reigns.

Second, Raymond Moi, in a political function on 12th February, 2021, expressed his agitation concerning Members of County Assembly (MCAs) from Baringo County, who had rejected the proposed Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) on 11th February, 2021 an initiative that his younger brother Senator of Baringo Gideon Moi Supports.

His utterances about Baringo county being the poorest has left a bad taste on people’s ears. Though it is not far from what is happening, his truth about how poor Baringo is, is ironic.

Their late father President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, was Kenya’s president for 24 years. He hailed from Baringo County, this, the sons too are from Baringo County.

His leadership was fierce and he undoubtedly supported education, build roads, schools and developed a Nation from the raw years of civilization till the end of his rule as president.

He remained a key factor in the country, a role model and an icon to many, till his passing he was respected.

The unfortunate public spat between his sons in public is what is baffling many. This situation bringing up the dilapidated state of Baringo county, it’s poverty due to ilitracy, practice of outlawed cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), cattle rustling and a lot of illicit brewing to the surface, a mockery from fellow counties.

Senator Gideon Moi’s ambition to take over as the president of Kenya under his father’s party KANU has been seen not to be a wise decision especially because he is yet to prove his leadership through empowering his home county.

His inheritance of the political party KANU that rubbed many in unpleasant ways is a challenge too.

His want for power is seen to only achieve maintaining the family’s status in the society and he has a long way to go.

The other challenge is the existence of long time groomed candidate from his very community, a charismatic leader who is currently the Deputy President of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto from Uasin Gishu County.

Baringo County has a government, that seems to exist for the sake. Currently, there is an ongoing security operations in Baringo County, involving the Pilot Community after a General Service Unit (GSU) officer was killed by bandits in mid January this year, the minister of security Fred Matiangi promised an operation that will never be forgotten.

To date, no leader from Baringo has addressed any media platform, on the welfare of women, the old and children.

The United Nations should be watching closely, Such operations always live casualties. example the Wagalla Massacre. The Mt Elgon operation.

Baringo and it’s poverty is not ready to bring forth a President. As the dynasty in Baringo plays out through the siblings, Someone is not clearly giving the right advice, the residents are playing with the ball that can score goals.

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