10 Best Children sociable restaurants in Nairobi

Unless you can find the Best Children sociable restaurants around you, you may have a difficult time trying to protect your kids from unseemly occurrences such as accidents, abusive environments and persons among others.

There are other things you need to consider as well: unlike you, kids tend to go wild with bursts of energy that will run any normal sized adult into the ground.

You cannot convincingly expect them to sit quietly as you wait for your 33-minutes Brunette soufflé or dessert to be prepared. They need something to do as the orders get ready.

Apart from the Lions and Lioness energies, do you know that warm-hearted feeling you get when you see your child’s face beam with excitement and joy?

Now imagine getting that feeling while you wait for some of the most exotic and delectable dishes to be prepared for you and the little ones.

These 10 Best Children sociable restaurants in Nairobi will ensure that your kids are not only well-fed with some of the most delicious dishes in town, but they will also guarantee them some form of entertainment and safety so you can have a few moments of sanity where “TOTO” isn’t climbing all over the nice couple on the next table.

For You Chinese Restaurant, Lavington

This is by far one of the most family-friendly establishments in Nairobi. Apart from the fact that they serve delectable Chinese cuisine at affordable prices, they have gone a step further and hired ‘child-minders’.

These are people who will help look after and keep your kids entertained so you can enjoy your meal and adult-like conversations without necessarily having to run after Baby Supremacy.

Ostrich Farm, Kitengela

The Ostrich Farm in Kitengela gives you an opportunity to turn your weekend or holiday moment with the family into an expedition. Imagine how elated the kids will be when they get a chance to:

  • Ride an Ostrich (Correct, I said to ride on Ostrich back safely!)
  • Tour an Ostrich farm
  • Pet this humongous birds

Plus, they get to taste some Ostrich meat. Maybe don’t tell them about that part. At this point, they will have already named these birds and the thought of eating any of them will not go down well with most kids (no pun intended).

The bottom-line is that you can turn that simple eating spree into an entire vacation at the Ostrich Farm in Kitengela.

The Hub, Karen

Although The Hub is not a restaurant, this majestic, relatively new mall is one of Nairobi’s most popular spots at the moment.

Cited with all sorts of things to do and see, taking the family out for an afternoon at The Hub is definitely something worth exploring. The kids can run around as they:

  • Learn how to ride a hoverboard
  • Get their faces painted
  • Play video games upstairs
  • Enjoy a myriad of kiddy rides and much more.

The best part is that you have a whole list of restaurants and international cuisines to try out. You can dine at:

  • Afghan House (Afghani cuisine)
  • Mister Wok (Chinese cuisine)
  • Eagle Peak Spur (mouthwatering barbecue)
  • Ocean Basket (Seafood)

At this place, I can probably say there is something for everyone’s taste and preference. You can even get some shopping done while you are at it.

Carnivore Simba Saloon, Lang’ata

The Carnivore has been a main-stay in Nairobi’s social scene for years now. With good reason.

The Simba Saloon offers you something very few restaurants in the country do: a chance to enjoy some rare game meat as you unwind and watch your kids play in the expansive and well-equipped playground.

Dari Restaurant, Karen

How about taking the kids out for some fine dining? Dari Restaurant is perhaps the fanciest restaurant on this list.

Located in a serene part of an indigenous forest just before you get to the Karen Shopping Center, Dari Restaurant offers you well-manicured lawns, spacious sitting bandas, as well as fun activities like ‘trampolining’ for the kids.

If you stay a little into the evening, you will get a chance to see some of the resident wildlife come out to play (gazelles).

Pampa Churrascaria, Lavington

Pampa Churrascaria is an authentic Brazilian steakhouse that offers you both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

If you are a meat lover, then this steakhouse is a must visit when in Nairobi. The Lavington establishment has a spacious playing ground where the kids can play on slides, jump around on a trampoline as they wait for their meal to be prepared.

Asmara, Karen

This is a brand that has made itself synonymous with lip-smacking Eritrean dishes within the Capital.

The Karen branch is particularly family-friendly with lots of room for the kids to run around.

The elegantly set-up play area is a popular destination for kids parties and absolutely perfect for a late lunch out with the gang.

Purdy Arms, Karen

Purdy Arms is a wonderful establishment that has an expansive outdoor setting in Karen.

Not only does it allow you to dine under the beautiful African blue sky, but it allows you to do so in peace as your kids run around the spacious and well-equipped playground.

Both the food and service are quite excellent too.

Donuts World, Westlands

This is the perfect fast-food joint. Not only is it clean, but the service is excellent. The prices are reasonable and it is exceptionally family friendly.

It has a little play area where the kids can go wild as they wait for their burgers and fries.

The restaurant itself is beautifully set up; you can even get some work done as the kids run around.

 Adega, Lavington

This is a Portuguese restaurant that offers you an opportunity to enjoy some fine dining in a safe, child-friendly environment.

Located at the upmarket Lavington Curve Mall, the restaurant has a play area as well as a kids menu. They even have a change table for your toddlers.


Enjoyment is what you will get with your family when you visit one of these 10 Best Children sociable restaurants in Nairobi in Nairobi during your free times, holidays or weekend-outs with family where the little lions and lioness commands plus emotions are involved.

Remember they are always energetic and eagerly to ruin your calmness anytime if you mishandle them.

If you are a parent, at this point you already understands that your shouts and scolds can do little to nothing if you can’t keep them engaged full time, even if it means to let them count soil particles. (Yes! Just anything for them to get busy but safe).

NOTE: As much as I have ensured to provide as much possible; accurate information about the above restaurants, it is the duty of a parent or parents and guardians’ to also confirm the given information and certify that is best for their family.




Elves Delz
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